Project Maneo

Victim help. Reporting office. Prevention. Commitment.

Since 1990 MANEO, the Berlin Anti-Violence-Project, has been existing as an independent project of Mann-O-Meter e.V.. MANEO is the most experienced and best-known gay anti-violence-project in Germany. Our staff gives advice to more than 300 victims of violence annually, records anti-gay acts of violence and provides violence-prevention public relations work.

Our field of activity covers four core areas (victim help, reporting, prevention, commitment). The interaction of those areas has had the effect that MANEO has become a dynamic project during the last years. Our offer is intended for gay and bisexual youths and adults in Berlin – regardless of whether they are staying in Berlin only for a while, e.g. as tourists, or are living in Berlin permanently. Also irrelevant for the use of our offers are time and place of the act of violence.

MANEO has initiated since its founding numerous nationwide unique initiatives and projects, e.g. the Lesbian and Gay City Festival Berlin (1993-1998), produced two internationally appreciated cinema spots together with the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (2007) and two nationwide surveys on experiences with violence among gay, causing quite a stir (2006-2008).

Also, we were honoured for our prevention work numerous times.


MANEO’s principles

Professionalism and non-bureaucratic help: We offer help and support based on experience and the specialist nature of our work. Help is provided quickly and non-bureaucratically. We take every concern seriously. We develop individual solutions for anyone who turns to us for help. All information is naturally treated in confidence.

Gay men working for gay men: No one need fear accusations or reproaches. Our advice team is made up of experienced gay and bisexual men. It is important to us to help and support people after an act of violence or instance of discrimination has occurred, and to strengthen their sexual self-determination.

Victim help

MANEO helps gay and bisexual men affected by antigay violence and discrimination, no matter if as victim, witness or life partner.

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MANEO provides educational work on antigay violence and its consequences and performs public relations work.

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Case studies

Violence against gays is horrible– and unfortunately commonplace. MANEO documents all acts of violence and crimes reported to the project.

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Reporting office

MANEO records antigay acts of violence, covering all from insults up to assaults, and documents die incidents in order to derive protective measures against violence.

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MANEO mobilizes civic commitment to stand up for the defence of the rights of homosexuals.

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We network with partner organizations supporting us in our work.

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