MANEO elucidates ...

...antigay violence and its consequences. MANEO indicates cases of discrimination and acts of violence and positions itself against the belittling of homophobia and antigay violence.

We make clear that it is still an important social task to provide emancipatory educational work, whether in schools or in public. With anti-violence-trainings together with the police, events in educational institutions and the publication of informational material, we provide violence-preventing public relations- and informational work. We are in contact with the contact person for homosexual lifestyles of the Berlin police and the investigating authorities. Through providing information at on-the-spot-events in the gay area we contribute actively to the prevention of violence.

Each year we have to constitute again and again a high number of antigay acts of violence and crimes. An important part of our work is, to draw attention to the continuous violence and discrimination against homosexual people and to recognize the causes of violence and to anticipate those. These also include violence-prevention measures. We publish regularly tips on violence-preventing behaviour and try to establish the contact to the different areas of the gay scene trough on-the-spot-events at night in the gay areas.

Violence-prevention campaign (2010-2011)

Mit unserer neuen Präventionskampagne knüpfen wir nun an die Erfolge der Toleranzkampagne an – und machen uns für ein gewaltfreies, tolerantes Berlin stark.

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Toleranzkampagne (2006-2009)

Wichtiger Bestandteil unserer Präventionsarbeit war die von der Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie geförderte MANEO-Toleranzkampagne.

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