The MANEO-violence-prevention campaign

We live tolerance.
Against homophobia and hateful violence.
Pro diversity.

The MANEO-violence-prevention campaign meets the challenge to effectively battle homophobia and hateful violence against gay and bisexual men and youths, LGBT* people in Berlin are affected by very specific forms of violent crimes, which are characterised by an often immense brutality. The actual or perceived sexual identity of the victim often plays an important role for the offenders. MANEO supports and counsels victims of homophobic violent crimes and records the crimes statistically. In the frame of the violence-prevention campaign we developed strategies and measures that prevent these forms of violence: through information and sensitization of the visitors and users of gay-lesbian scene establishments we draw their attention to this danger. The special knowledge helps them to recognize potential dangers and to be able to assess risk responsibly. Through networking in the gay and lesbian scenes we create an atmosphere of solidarity with the victims and witnesses of homophobic violent crimes and show the offenders, that their actions are not to remain without consequences. We want homosexuals to no longer be passive victims who remain silent out of fear and shame: we show self-confidence, stand against violence and thus establish a trustful cooperation with the Berlin police and other state organizations.

This campaign is directed towards gay and bisexual men and youths. It addresses people who already live in Berlin and have settled in our city. With adequate measures they are addressed and dangers are pointed out. Also, it addresses people who are only temporarily in Berlin, especially tourists, but also commuters, exchange students, work immigrants, just to name a few. These visitors to Berlin are pointed towards dangerous situations and are informed about ways how to report an offence and also how to gain access to advice and help. Berlin presents itself towards homo- and bisexual people as cosmopolitan and tolerant and remains attractive as a location for LGBT* people, their friends and relatives.

The violence-prevention campaign is focused on in situ work: we move around the scenes and at different events and inform about homophobic hateful violence and related issues. We always point out that tolerance and diversity may not remain abstract ideas: whoever wants them to become reality has to do something for it. We put emphasis on creative actions and combine the serious message with fun and humour: we want everyone to enjoy the nice sides of the gay-lesbian scenes in Berlin – homophobia and hateful violence have no place here. For our in situ work we highly depend on all our volunteers. Together we go out in the city, visit bars, cafes and clubs, parks and cruising areas, gay-lesbian events and political events and thus bring our message of violence-prevention to the people. Through this we show: our hearts beat for tolerance and diversity!

All building blocks of this campaign, sponsored by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie, you can find under Campaigncampaigns.


Alle Bausteine der durch die Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie ermöglichten MANEO-Gewalt-präventionskampagne findest du unter dem Menüpunkt Kampagne.

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