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Since 1992 MANEO has been working in the nationwide umbrella organization “Work group victim support in Germany (ADO)” together with other professional victim support institutions (ADO.pdf). We initiated the Lesbian and Gay City Festival Berlin (1993-1998), helped to develop the “Prevention- and compensation fund Tempelhof-Schöneberg” (2000) and contributed in a work group of the Berlin administration of justice to the establishment of a witness room at the Berlin Regional Court (2003).
MANEO is also engaged in numerous work groups and specialist committees; we try to be present at as many social interfaces in order to represent our issues. Other gay anti-violence projects across Germany take our structure as a model for theirs.

We have also been working internationally for quite some time: the cooperation with the French partner organization SOS-Homophobia is quite close, as well as our cooperation with the Foundation For Equality (Fundacja Rownos-ci) and the „Campaign against homophobia“ (KPH – Kampania Pzeciw Homofobii)in Poland. Together we have committed ourselves through signatures to work together and have been awarding the Tolerantia-Award since 2006.

Since 2008 MANEO also intensified its cooperation with the Spanish organizations COGAM and TRIANGU-LO. In 2009/2010 we started with “Rainbow Bridge” another cross-country initiative promoting the German-Israeli exchange. In a Europe that is growing together we have to face the challenges together.

Memberships and partnerships:

Work group victim support



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