Knockout drops

Knockout drops are substances – solutions or powders – that are secretly mixed into the victim’s drink or, more rarely, food.

Most perpetrators use knockout drops in order to commit robbery or sexual offences against dazed or unconscious victims.

The substances are often odourless and neutral in taste, or may taste soapy or salty. “Knockout drops” is a collective term for GHB/GBL (“Liquid Ecstasy”), ketamine, sleeping pills such as zopiclone or other drugs that induce sleep or render someone helpless. Alcohol may also be used in conjunction with the drops.

Symptoms and effects

Knockout drops have different effects depending on the substances used, the physical constitution of the victim and if there has been any prior consumption of medications or alcohol ...

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Knockout drops are treacherous

Victims given knockout drops after consuming alcohol or other drugs, e.g. medications, often attribute the symptoms they experienced – particularly blackouts – to these other circumstances.

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Blackout – what now?

Victims frequently feel groggy, faint, nauseous or sick after coming to. They don’t feel themselves, they often can’t go to work the next day and need to stay in bed.

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Be alert!

You need to be particularly vigilant in public!

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Tips for witnesses and helpers

Worauf zu achten ist, wenn Du bemerkst das jemand unter dem Einfluss von K.O.-Tropfen steht erfährst Du hier.

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Case studies

Have a look at the following case studies.

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You can download our information sheet "Knockout drops" here.

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