Knockout drops - Case studies

Case study 1:

A 42-year old gay man reported to MANEO this evening that he had noticed that a total of EUR 950 had been withdrawn from his back account, withdrawals he couldn’t explain. He said he had been in a bar the previous evening and woken up the next morning on a park bench nearby. He said he had probably drunk too much, which is why he couldn’t remember anything. It had been a warm evening, he said, so he didn’t think it too bad that he had slept on a park bench, but he found it strange nonetheless. He said it was possible some cash had disappeared from his wallet but that his bankcards were still there. He now suspects someone drugged him before raiding his bank account, but he can’t prove it.

Case study 2:

A 53-year-old employee met a 22-year-old on an Internet chat site and invited him to his flat for sex. While there, the young perpetrator secretly mixed a substance into his drink. The victim, who lost consciousness soon afterwards, didn’t wake up until lunchtime the following day. The 22-year-old had stolen valuables from his flat including a laptop, a camera, a mobile phone and cash. The man now blames himself for being too careless.

Case study 3:

A 25-year-old reported to MANEO that he had recently returned to Berlin after a one-week trip abroad. He said he had taken part in an international competition in which many people had worn fancy dress. He said he had been alone in the changing room in the evening when a man in a mask walked past him. He said he then felt a damp cloth over his face and fell immediately unconscious. When he came to, he realised he had been raped.

Case study 4:

A 23-year-old language student from England met a 35-year-old man in Berlin. They spent a few nights together in bars and became friends. After the next night out, they went back to the 35-year-old’s flat nearby for another drink. This is as much as the victim remembers. When he woke up, he found himself lying naked on his back on the sofa, and he realised the man had had sex with him without his being able to remember it. He said he was now in a state of desperation and feared he may have been infected with HIV.

Symptoms and effects

Knockout drops have different effects depending on the substances used, the physical constitution of the victim and if there has been any prior consumption of medications or alcohol ...

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Knockout drops are treacherous

Victims given knockout drops after consuming alcohol or other drugs, e.g. medications, often attribute the symptoms they experienced – particularly blackouts – to these other circumstances.

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Blackout – what now?

Victims frequently feel groggy, faint, nauseous or sick after coming to. They don’t feel themselves, they often can’t go to work the next day and need to stay in bed.

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Be alert!

You need to be particularly vigilant in public!

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Tips for witnesses and helpers

Worauf zu achten ist, wenn Du bemerkst das jemand unter dem Einfluss von K.O.-Tropfen steht erfährst Du hier.

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Case studies

Have a look at the following case studies.

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You can download our information sheet "Knockout drops" here.

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