Sexual assaults

Gay and bisexual men can become victims of sexual assaults. The assaults can take very different forms.

Sexual assaults cover all acts carried out against the will of the person concerned. It could be verbal insults of a sexual nature, unwanted touching of the person’s body (e.g. being “groped” or “grabbed at” on the street or in a bar), forced sexual activities, i.e. sexual coercion, or forced intrusion into another person’s body, which is generally considered rape. Actions where the person concerned had previously given his consent but then withdrew it (i.e. said “stop”) are also “against the will”, as are actions carried out on someone who is high on drugs or alcohol. Sexual assaults may be committed with the perpetrator threatening danger to life and limb.

Sexual assaults involving the use of physical violence generally constitute criminal offences. They are often committed alongside other criminal acts, e.g. confidence tricks, theft or robbery on the street, or threats and blackmail in a relationship or dependency relationship. Perpetrators of sexual assaults may use “knock-out drops” that render their victims helpless and defenceless. The administration alone of such substances is punishable as an assault causing bodily harm.

How to protect yourself?

Make your boundaries clear and  trust your instincts. Self-assured behaviour can protect you from advances and attacks in many cases.

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What to do if it happens?

If you have been attacked, or if danger is lurking, call the police immediately on 110 and ask passers by or in the next bar for help.

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Shame and self-doubt

Sexual assaults are violations of personal boundaries. The victim’s will, dignity and physical integrity is ignored, no longer apparent.

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MANEO can talk to you and offer support

We know from many years’ experience how difficult people find it to find someone to talk to, to trust them and to talk about what has happened.

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Advice for witnesses and helpers

If you witness an act of violence ...

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You can download our information sheet "Sexual assaults" here.

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The MANEO project

The Berlin-based anti-violence project MANEO has been operating since 1990 as an independent division of Mann-O-Meter e.V. MANEO is the most experienced and well-known gay anti-violence project in Germany.

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