Benefit party

kiss kiss Berlin - powered by people for tolerance!

With our benefit party we mobilize every year clubs and parties in Berlin on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia: the participating clubs and organisers place one of their events under the common motto  "kiss kiss Berlin - powered by people for tolerance!" and donate 1-2 Euros per entrance fee to MANEO. The collected donations are then split 50/50 between MANEO and an international project newly determined each year.

At these events the guests can set a sign for tolerance with a kiss. In 2010 we collected more than 1.000 kisses at the benefit parties and the kiss marathon – to show that homophobia and hateful violence do not have a place in Berlin and the world. People from all over the world kissed at those events: many from our European neighbour states, even from the USA, Canada and Australia.

Berlin is advertising its cosmopolitanism and tolerance – and justifiably so. Contributing to this are the numerous gay and lesbian scenes and events that now belong to Berlin’s city life. They all make Berlin to what it is today:  attractive, creative, sexy. Because of this climate people come to Berlin to live and work here or just to visit. Our benefit parties are a common action which underlines: we want to stay as we are!

Party Benefiz 2015

Party-Benefiz zwischen dem 21. März und 17. Mai: Berliner Clubs und Partyveranstalter kooperieren mit MANEO und unterstützen so die Opferhilfearbeit. Sie sammeln 1 Euro pro Eintritt, der der Opferhilfearbeit von MANEO und dem Berliner Opferfonds zu Gute kommt.

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Partybenefiz 2013

Anlässlich des Internationalen Tages gegen Homophobie am 17. Mai wird in dreizehn Berliner Clubs und auf Partys ab Ostern 2013 wieder für mehr Toleranz getanzt und geküsst. Dieses Jahr wieder mit dabei: der MANEO-Knutschbär und die MANEO-Nachtflugbegleiter.

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Kussgalerie 2010

1.000 Küsse – aus aller Welt: Ein gemeinschaftliches Zeichen für Toleranz!

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Benefit party 2010

In 2010, eleven event- and party managers took part in this action on the occasion o the International Day against Homophobia.

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Partybenefiz 2014

Das Partybenefiz „Kiss Kiss Berlin 2014 – powered by people for tolerance“ fand zwischen 21. März und 17. Mai 2014 statt.

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Partybenefiz 2012

Von Anfang April bis zum 17. Mai machte MANEO mit seinem Party-Benefiz „Kiss Kiss Berlin“ in Berlins Partyszenen mobil

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Benefit party 2011

Unser Partybenefiz geht bereits in die 3. Runde! Alle Termine findest du hier.

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Benefit party 2009

In 2009, six clubs for the first time  placed one of their events under the motto "kiss kiss Berlin - powered by people for tolerance!"