May 17- International Day against Homophobia

Homosexuality is not an illness!

On May 17th 1990, the General Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) determined what was long overdue: to take homosexuality off the list of mental illnesses. May 17th was the proclaimed “International Day against Homophobia”. The European Parliament emphasized in January 2006, that discrimination based on sexual orientation will be vigorously condemned – a declaration of war against homophobia and hateful violence all member states have to oblige.


A swearword makes an unpleasant career, especially among young people: “fag” is by far not just a bagatelle, but an attack on the community of solidarity which is based on the right for self-determination and equality. It is therefore a task of the whole society to provide emancipator educational work, let it be in schools or the public. Still homosexuals are prosecuted, imprisoned, even executed. Discrimination, exclusion, violence: in spite of the deletion of §175 in 1994, the introduction of the same-sex marriage and the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the broad social acceptance of homosexuals in Germany is not granted.
In other countries the call for tolerance remains totally unheard, homosexually is even prosecuted as a crime: even in recent days open executions of gay youths took place in Saudi Arabia and Iran- human rights violations that cannot be accepted.

MANEO mobilizes

On May 17, many organizations organized events and actions to draw attention to homophobia, discrimination and violence globally – MANEO also mobilizes: since 2007 with the Kiss Marathon and since 2009 with the benefit parties in Berlin.

„Schwule Sau! (Fag!)“ is swearword no. 1

Although the political commitment of the last decade in Germany has paid off and queer life has been more and more accepted, violence and assaults are still an experience of many gays and lesbians. Their greater visibility in public is perceived as an offense by many people. “It is enough if they are walking down the street hand in hand or kiss. Again and again the reaction is hostilities, aggressions and sometimes physical violence. This happens daily – not only here in Berlin, but also in the rest of Germany.

Further information:

Kiss Kiss Berlin - Aktionen am 17.05.2016

Berlin, 12.05.201

Kiss Kiss Berlin - Aktionen am 17.05.2016

12-13 Uhr, Schönhauser Allee Ecke Kastanienallee: Info-Aktion, Kiss-In und Regenbogenkuchen-Anschnitt; 18 Uhr, im Mann-O-Meter: Soirée - „Ankommen in Berlin – Vier Frauen aus arabischen Ländern erzählen“; anschließend „Kiss Kiss Berlin – Regenbogenkuchen“-Anschnitt mit der Bezirksbürgermeisterin von Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Angelika Schöttler

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Kussmarathon 17. Mai

Berlin küsst für mehr Toleranz: Unter dem Motto "protect every kiss!" veranstalten wir seit 2007 jedes Jahr am 17. Mai in Berlin den MANEO-Kussmarathon.

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Homo-Hass unter Jugendlichen:

Zum Schweigen verdammt
Artikel vom 12.04.2010,

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Party-Benefiz 2013

Anlässlich des Internationalen Tages gegen Homophobie am 17. Mai wird in dreizehn Berliner Clubs und auf Partys ab Ostern 2013 wieder für mehr Toleranz getanzt und geküsst. Dieses Jahr wieder mit dabei: der MANEO-Knutschbär und die MANEO-Nachtflugbegleiter. Und wieder mit namhaften Events!

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Berliner KehrWoche 2011

We kehr for Tolerance! Vom 9. bis 16. Mai 2011 wird in Berlin gefegt, gewischt und gemoppt - bis 16. Mai Foto hochladen und gewinnen! Die Aktion anlässlich des Internationalen Tages gegen Homophobie wird unterstützt von der Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) und dem Berliner CSD e.V.

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