Protect every kiss 2010

Kiss-in opposite the Embassy of Uganda

With this public kiss-event opposite the Embassy of Uganda it was peacefully protested against the “Anti-Homosexuality-Law“, which was up for negotiation by the Parliament of Uganda at that time. The draft law included long terms of imprisonment and in some cases the death penalty for homosexual relationships. In addition, human rights activists are threatened by long terms of imprisonment if they try to educate on homosexuality or support the causes of homosexual people. It is also terrifying, that the homophobic atmosphere is mainly encouraged by religious groups from the USA and their missionaries in Uganda, as various media reported at the end of 2009 (Deutsche Welle Online, Artikel vom 30.04.2010).

“With our kiss we want to set a peaceful sign against homophobia. With this demonstration against the Uganda draft law we do not only remember the global victims of homophobic violence, but also remind people that homophobia is still part of our everyday life, even in Germany“ says MANEO-project manager Bastian Finke.

Hintergrund- informationen:

Hintergrundinformationen zur "Anti-Homosexuality Bill" in Uganda findest du auf folgender Website.

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Deutsche Welle Online

US-Missionare schüren Homophobie in Afrika

Artikel vom 30.04.2010

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