The Berlin coalition

‘We live tolerance’ – the Berlin tolerance coalition wants to make a public mark against homophobia and violence, a public mark supporting tolerance and diversity in Berlin. This initiative puts its focus is mainly on the increasing number of Berlin tourists. This is also the reason that the information should be available in multiple languages.

The MANEO project manager Bastian Finke explains: “We are successfully fighting homophobia in our city. With the ‘We live tolerance’ campaign we want to sustain the positive trend that we saw over the last couple of years. This initiative should communicate the tolerance in the German capital, at the same time this also will create more awareness for the risks still there”. By combining both the positive message and increasing awareness the ‘Berlin Tolerance Coalition’ wants to prevent violence.

Numerous Berlin companies are already partnering with the Berlin Tolerance Coalition


Wer ist schon dabei? Alle Bündnispartner findest du hier.

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Die gemeinsame Erklärung des Berliner Toleranzbündnisses findest Du hier.

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Erfolgsrezept Toleranz

Dossiers: (1) Victim aid – MANEO helps, (2) Registration office – MANEO registers, (3) Prevention – MANEO explains, (4) Engagement – MANEO activates

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