MANEO-kissing bear

Berlins landmark for tolerance and diversity

The bear is one of the most important symbols for the city of Berlin: the bear is part of the city crest, a popular souvenir and ambassador.

After this symbol the MANEO canoodle bear was created. It is as well a symbol for our message of lived tolerance and collective diversity as a symbol for the ‘Berlin Tolerance Coalition’ as a symbol for our tolerance campaign themed: ‘We live tolerance – against homophobia and hate crimes – Support diversity’. The bear invites people to kiss and sign, to make a statement. People who participate are making a statement for civil tolerance and diversity, against homophobia and prejudice motivated violence; they express their awareness and engagement to understand society and its diversity as asset and strength and as an engagement to empower this diversity.

Living tolerance and diversity means to do something to support that. With a kiss, symbolizing a very personal gesture, a connection is being made and humanity is being expressed. The kiss symbolizes love and closeness, it connects. And because LGBT people are still being excluded and attacked our appeal continues to be: „Protect every kiss“ – every kiss is worth protecting.

Knutschbär 2013

“1.000 Kisses, from Berlin with Love” - MANEO hat 1.000 Küsse in Berlin gesammelt, die mit dem Knutschbären 2013 im Herbst nach Paris geschickt werden.

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Knutschbär 2011

Vielfalt macht uns bärenstark! Der zweite MANEO-Knutschbär ging im Mai 2011 auf Toleranz-Mission nach Moskau.

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Knutschbär 2010

Bärenstarkes Zeichen: Auf unserer Jubiläumsgala verewigten sich zahlreiche Gäste auf dem ersten MANEO-Knutschbär.

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Party-Benefiz zwischen dem 21. März und 17. Mai: Im letzten Jahr hatten sich viele Clubs und Partylocations am Party-Benefiz beteiligt. 1 Euro pro Eintritt wurden für einen guten Zweck gespendet. Unterstützt wird die Projektarbeit von MANEO und der MANEO-Opferfonds. Im letzten Jahr kamen etwa 4.000,- Euro an Spenden zusammen.

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Der MANEO-Knutschbär auf Toleranz-Mission in Moskau.

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‚kiss kiss Berlin‘ teddy bears

The Rainbow canoodle Bears with the ‚kiss kiss Berlin‘-Button are already now a popular Berlin souvenir.

Available for a donation of 2 EUR at MANEO – in the Mann-O-Meter offices located at Nollendorfplatz