The canoodle bear 2011

On the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the City partnership between Berlin and Moscow the MANEO Canoodle Bear visited the Russian capital as “Ambassador for Tolerance and Diversity”.

With the support of the MANEO’s Bear talks were held on tolerance and diversity in Moscow.
 The first official appearance of the Canoodle Bear was successfully completed on Tuesday the 31.05.2011 at a reception held at the „Khudozhestvennij“ cinema. Berlins State Secretary Claudia Zinke spoke at the reception and passed on the greetings of Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit who was unable to be there. At the following opening of the exhibition marking the 20 years of Berlin-Moscow city partnership The MANEO Canoodle Bear played a critical, somewhat poignant, role as an ambassador for tolerance and diversity visiting a city that has banned the CSD parade. Herr Wowereit was unable on this occasion to meet the organisers of the Moscow CSD.

Up to now, over 1000 Berliners and visitors to Berlin have kissed and autographed the MANEO Canoodle Bear and with each kiss confirmed their commitment to peaceful relationships in the world between people of all sexual orientations.

For the rest of the week the MANEO Canoodle Bear stood in the historical cinema „Kino Pioner“ (Кино Пионер), where on Wednesday the movie “Drei” from the director Tom Tykwer was shown. During his opening speech Rolf Schütte, the head of protocol of the Berlin Senate, captured once more the moment with a few clear words. “And on this is Berlin particularly proud: to be a colourful and tolerant city. Therefore we have also with us today a particularly likeable symbol of this tolerance and diversity who came with us to Moscow, the “Berliner Knutschbären” (Canoodle Bear). He stands in particular for more tolerance towards people of different sexual orientations und he brings to our attention the violence that affects many – also in Berlin – gays and lesbians and other sexual minorities.”

The current mayor of Berlin has readily and repeatedly criticised the banning of the gay and lesbian demonstration in Moscow. His criticism of the policy of the Moscow government was repeated afresh on the previous Tuesday. “This is discrimination” said Wowereit to the press agency dpa in Moscow. He firmly presented these views in his discussions with the mayor of Moscow Sergej Sobjanin.

Bastian Finke, Project Director of MANEO, who was with the Canoodle Bear in Moscow said, “It was on our initiative that the City of Berlin chose to present the canoodle Bear as a visible and likeable symbol against homophobia, discrimination and violence, and this was particularly important given the problems that Russian society has with extreme levels of prejudice and homophobia. Because of our actions during the celebrations of the 20 years of Berlin-Moscow city partnership there were many discussions here about sexual diversity and different levels of encouragement and support”

Therefore even more MANEO and the Canoodle Bear were very pleased with the attention they received from the Russian and German guests who visited the events at the two Cinemas.

Knutschbär 2013

“1.000 Kisses, from Berlin with Love” - MANEO hat 1.000 Küsse in Berlin gesammelt, die mit dem Knutschbären 2013 im Herbst nach Paris geschickt werden.

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Knutschbär 2011

Vielfalt macht uns bärenstark! Der zweite MANEO-Knutschbär ging im Mai 2011 auf Toleranz-Mission nach Moskau.

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Knutschbär 2010

Bärenstarkes Zeichen: Auf unserer Jubiläumsgala verewigten sich zahlreiche Gäste auf dem ersten MANEO-Knutschbär.

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Party-Benefiz zwischen dem 21. März und 17. Mai: Im letzten Jahr hatten sich viele Clubs und Partylocations am Party-Benefiz beteiligt. 1 Euro pro Eintritt wurden für einen guten Zweck gespendet. Unterstützt wird die Projektarbeit von MANEO und der MANEO-Opferfonds. Im letzten Jahr kamen etwa 4.000,- Euro an Spenden zusammen.

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Der MANEO-Knutschbär auf Toleranz-Mission in Moskau.

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‚kiss kiss Berlin‘ teddy bears

The Rainbow canoodle Bears with the ‚kiss kiss Berlin‘-Button are already now a popular Berlin souvenir.

Available for a donation of 2 EUR at MANEO – in the Mann-O-Meter offices located at Nollendorfplatz