Metro commercial

Since the 18th of February 2011 the MANEO night stewardesses promote moral courage in a commercial broadcasted in the ‘Berliner Fenster’ which is shown in the berlin metro system.

The commercial deals with the question: How to react in a situation without endangering myself? Due to the recent acts of violence in Berlin the commercial shows its relevance.

In an attack on Friday, February 4th 2011 – according to the press releases – four youths attacked two 30 year olds in the metro station Lichtenberg with the purpose of robbing them. One of the victims is, since this day, in hospital with live threatening injuries. This act of violence did not have a homophobic background. According to Tagesspiegel (16.02.2011), a major German newspaper, a police officer has been saying: “The most shocking for us is that whilst these men were being attacked, several people passed by without helping” further was noted that only one emergency call was made.

According to MANEO project manager Bastian Finke this shows how important moral courage is. The MANEO night stewardesses are being sent through Berlin to, literally with their hands, give security advice on how to behave in such a case. The show is relating to the security instructions given shortly before a plane take-off. The aim is to create awareness, mainly amongst the visitors of our colorful Berlin communities and to encourage them not to pass by but to help and to support. In most cases not giving help is due to not knowing how to handle such situations without endangering yourself. But it is not about being a hero: almost everybody has nowadays a mobile phone in his pocket. In the meantime it is important to cry out for help and make noise – when one then shouts that the police is on the way, most attackers flee. Just as important then is to take care of the victim and to wait for the police to arrive. All that is off course a stress situation for the witness, and that is why victim support groups, such as MANEO, also focus on giving help and support to witnesses, which role one cannot really value enough.

"Be Safe Day And Night!"

Den U-Bahn-Spot kannst du hier in der Galerie ansehen.

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