Rainbow District

Jointy achieve more

In the district things are stirring. Due to talks initiated by thoughts launched MANEO in January 2009, numerous business owners located in the Rainbow District linked to each other and formulated the goal of improving the District situated between Nollendorfplatz, Winterfeldplatz, Viktoria-Louiseplatz and Wittenbergplatz.

The goal of the talks has been to identify and solve problems, discover and exploit unused potential in the Rainbow District. To achieve this, more joint actions should be organized and supported. One example of this is the support of the ‘World of lights’ decorations that can be found in Christmas time (started 2008 on the Maaßenstrasse and Winterfeldsstrasse, and expanded in 2009 to some parts of the Motzstraße).

MANEO mobilizes for more communication between the different stakeholders as by connecting the tremendous creative potential of this district is a great asset, which we want to use in the future.

Erfolgsrezept Toleranz

Dossiers: (1) Victim aid – MANEO helps, (2) Registration office – MANEO registers, (3) Prevention – MANEO explains, (4) Engagement – MANEO activates

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voices for the district

Was einige der Beteiligten zu der gemeinsamen Initiative sagen, liest du hier.

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Poster campaign

With the help of MANEO, the tradesmen- and women in the rainbow district set a visible sign through a common poster-, flyer- and ad-campaign: “We offer help“.

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