Billboard action

„We offer help!“

In February 2010 MANEO started the billboard action in within the framework of the initiative ‘We offer Help’ the multi lingual advertisement and billboard campaign is addressing all who live in or visit the rainbow district. The campaign is supported by numerous Berlin companies, organizations, the Berlin police and the Berlin Toursimus Marketing GmbH. All Cooperation partner signed the “Wir leben Toleranz!” declaration, which addresses homophobia and hate crime.

Tips in case of an emergency

Ask help form passers-by or in shops when …

Being frightened is not a problem, but if others are in danger:

Please remember:

Erfolgsrezept Toleranz

Dossiers: (1) Victim aid – MANEO helps, (2) Registration office – MANEO registers, (3) Prevention – MANEO explains, (4) Engagement – MANEO activates

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voices for the district

Was einige der Beteiligten zu der gemeinsamen Initiative sagen, liest du hier.

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Poster campaign

With the help of MANEO, the tradesmen- and women in the rainbow district set a visible sign through a common poster-, flyer- and ad-campaign: “We offer help“.

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