Voices for the district

„I support this district, as it gives me a lot of openness, tolerance and joie de vivre. With the ‚World of lights‘ I like to contribute to make it even more unique and beautiful“
Stef Manzini, Schwermetall

„I think this district is great as in the last few years a lot changed for the better“
Oliver Schneider, Heile Welt/More

„The (Rainbow) District Motszstrasse/Nollendorfplatz is very city like, tolerant and cosmopolitan. It has emancipated itself, is commercially strong and attracting both Berliner and tourists. Unfortunately this cannot be seen in the street: the local authorities have forgotten us. Therefore, the self conscious business people demand that the city starts making the streets and open spaces more attractive.”
Sigrun Thies und Dirk Spohn, Hotel Sachsenhof

„The District is such a historically important place. I want gays to continue to come out and that they do not have to fear. I want to contribute to revalueate the Rainbow district as I fell at home here.”
Beni Durrer, Visagistenschule/Kosmetik/Friseure/Produkte

Erfolgsrezept Toleranz

Dossiers: (1) Victim aid – MANEO helps, (2) Registration office – MANEO registers, (3) Prevention – MANEO explains, (4) Engagement – MANEO activates

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voices for the district

Was einige der Beteiligten zu der gemeinsamen Initiative sagen, liest du hier.

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Poster campaign

With the help of MANEO, the tradesmen- and women in the rainbow district set a visible sign through a common poster-, flyer- and ad-campaign: “We offer help“.

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