the project: ‘Rainbow-Bridge’

Building bridges. Overcoming boundaries.

On August 1st 2009, in the evening, a masked and armed person entered the basement where the ‘gay and lesbian association’ (Agudah) in Tel Aviv is located and shot at the people that were there.
A 16 year old girl and a 26 year old man were immediately killed; at least 15 people were injured. This attack shocked not only the Tel Aviv or Israel LGBT community, but the entire world.
Thousands of people, including President Schimon Peres, gathered in Tel Aviv on the 8th of August to demonstrate. Worldwide LGBT organizations send supporting messages to the city of Tel Aviv and the local LGBT partners.

MANEO had the opportunity to, with the European partner organizations, start a support campaign. From Berlin MANEO coordinated candlelit vigils in Berfast, Berlin, Budapest, Danzig, Krakau, Madrid; Paris, Rome, Warsaw and Zürich – which, to show the solidarity with the victims, their family and friends and the LGBT community in Israel, took place at the same time as the demonstration in Tel Aviv was held.

After the assault, MANEO project manager contacted the local LGBT person working for the city of Tel Aviv to discuss an inviting the victims of the attack to Berlin. The welcomed this initiative, and after consulting Tom Schreiber (member of the Berlin Parliament for the SPD) the ‘Rainbow-Bridge’ project was launched. The project invited the young survivors of the ordeal to a ten day trip to Berlin and Cologne.

The Project wants to connect the LGBT communities in Tel Aviv, Berlin, Potsdam and Cologne, in order to strengthen the communication, understanding and solidarity between the different groups. ‘Rainbow-Bridge’ wants, in the future, to work on other projects which include cities in an out Europe to exchange ideas and concepts regarding anti-violence and tolerance / diversity campaigns.

‘Rainbow-Bridge’ is supported by numerous celebrities, amongst those are Klaus Wowereit (Mayor of Berlin), Yafo ron Hulday (Mayor of Tel Aviv), Jürgen Rotes (Mayor of Cologne), Elfi Scho-Antwerpes (City Mangeger of Cologne), the President of the Berlin Parliament and Walter Momper (former mayor of Berlin)

Commemoration at the Gay memorial site

One year ago an attack on the gay and lesbian meeting point Aguda (Tel Aviv) took place. On last Wednesday the organizer of the ‘Rainbow-Bridge’ project organized a commemoration service to the Gay memorial site in Tiergarten.

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Die Regenbogenbrücke wird von zahlreichen Partnern unterstützt. Hier findest du einige Statements.

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Further information

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“Rainbow-Bridge” Project on a Return Visit to Tel Aviv

On the 6th June MANEO led an 18-person delegation from Berlin and Cologne to Tel Aviv; the delegation included a small cross-party group from the Berlin.

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