„The Rainbow-Bridge expands our experiences and brings us other reference points. We can not only help, but we can also connect internationally and understand how we can overcome resistance.”
Bruno Gmünder

„It is important to create awareness for the consequences of homophobic violence amongst as many nations and religions. The Rainbow-Bridge offers us a platform and supports thousands of people that suffer from violence and intolerance. That is why they not only deserve recognition but also as many helping hands as possible.”
Albeck & Zehden Hotels

“As specialized medical center J2 is involved in the treatment of violence victims. The actions of MANEO and the Rainbow-Bridge help against discrimination which enable LGBT people to live their lives more freely and healthily , in Berlin and elsewhere.”
Dr. med. Heiko Jessen

„It is important to always look outside of the box, especially when being in a micro-cosmos as Schöneberg. If I can do anything usefull against homophobia, please count me in”
Knuth Sorger, Storemanager Mr. B. Berlin
„As long as therere is work for MANEO, we will support this as well as we can! Hate crime is without limits, as should be our support!”
Stef Manzini, Schwermetall –Werkstatt für Schmuck

„Taxi Berlin supports MANEO on their path against violence. The Rainbow-Bridge is an international sign against homophobia and for a violence free living together in the colorful diversity of the world.”
Taxi Berlin

„The Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH is happy to support the Rainbow-Bridge project as it has a long lasting tradition of friendly contacts to the Israeli market. In addition the engaged commitment of MANEO  helps us to promote Berlin as an open and tolerant city – independent of nationality, skin color, religion or sexual orientation.”
Ralf Ostendorf, BTM

Commemoration at the Gay memorial site

One year ago an attack on the gay and lesbian meeting point Aguda (Tel Aviv) took place. On last Wednesday the organizer of the ‘Rainbow-Bridge’ project organized a commemoration service to the Gay memorial site in Tiergarten.

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Die Regenbogenbrücke wird von zahlreichen Partnern unterstützt. Hier findest du einige Statements.

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Further information

Further information can be found under

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“Rainbow-Bridge” Project on a Return Visit to Tel Aviv

On the 6th June MANEO led an 18-person delegation from Berlin and Cologne to Tel Aviv; the delegation included a small cross-party group from the Berlin.

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