Tolerantia Award

Ausgezeichnetes Engagement

The many big and small achievements in the continuing battle against homophobia and hate crime in Europe are based on the personal engagement of numerous individuals.

MANEO, the Berlin anti violence project, as well as the „Berlin Alliance Against Homophobia” (of which Maneo is co-founder) commemorate, yearly; people who showed exceptional engagement. This joined European prize is both reward and recognition.

With the ‘Tolerantia’ prize, the „Berlin Alliance Against Homohpobia „ (a German / French / Spanish group), honors exceptional engagement in the battle against homophobia and heate crime in Europe. The award ceremony is being held, rotating, in one of the four capitals, in 2010 in Madrid.

The alliance of gay and gay-lesbian anti violence projects in Europe, which cooperate and support each other are MANEO (Germany), SOS-Homophobie (France), Lambda Warsaw and KPH (Poland) and (starting 2006) COGAM and TRIANGULO (Spain). The basis for this cooperation is the jointly singed “Tolerancja statement”. The award, a sculpture with four sails, expresses the joint recognition of exceptional engagement is being awarded since 2006 to individuals and projects of the participating countries

Tolerantia-Preis 2013

Die Preisträger 2013 sind: Maria Sabine Augstein (Deuschland), Ewa Siedlecka  (Polen),  Le Petit Journal (Frankreich)

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Tolerantia-Preis 2012

Die Preisträger 2012 sind: Elfi Scho-Antwerpes (Deuschland),
Dr. Katarzyna Bojarska und die Beratungsstelle für psychosexuelle Gesundheit „BezTabu“ Ohne Tabu (Polen), Véronique Eledut (Frankreich)

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Tolerantia-Preis 2011

Zum sechsten Mal werden die europäischen Tolerantia-Preise vergeben. Aus diesem Anlass versammeln sich die Preisträger und die Stifter aus Deutschland, Frankreich und Polen am 10. Dezember in Paris.

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Award winners 2010

This year’s award ceremony takes place on the 13th November 2010 in Madrid. The award winners in 2010 are the TEDDY-Promoters Wieland Speck and Mabel Aschenneller (Germany), Lawyer Caroline Mécary (France), former deputy Primeminister of Poland Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka (Poland) und the actor Imanol Arias (Spain).

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Award winners 2009

Die Preisträger des Jahres 2009 sind Hans-Wolfram Stein (Deutschland), Paris Foot Gay und Vikash Dhorasoo (Frankreich), Prof. Zbigniew Holda(Polen), Juan Fernando López Aguilar (Spanien).

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Award winners 2008

Die Preisträger des Jahres 2008 sind:
Tanja Walther (Deutschland),
Philipp Lahm (Deutschland),
Bruno Solo (Frankreich),
Marzanna Pogorzelska (Polen)

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Award winners 2007-2006

Die Preisträger des Europäischen Tolerantia-Preises der Jahre 2006 und 2007.

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Alle Fotos von den Preisverleihungen des Tolerantia-Preises findest du in folgender Galerie.

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