Refugees who have become crime and attack victims in Berlin

The increasing number of refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin has been influencing MANEO’s work since 2014. We had already been providing advice and support to individual displaced persons, but since 2014 our counselling offer has been taken up more regularly by homosexual, bisexual and trans* people who have escaped war and violence in regions of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and who are seeking refuge in Germany.

From 2015 onwards, we received enquiries from displaced people who not only reported the violence and discrimination they had experienced and suffered in their homelands and during their escape, but also on the streets of Berlin and in their current accommodation facilities. We gave examples of actual cases in our MANEO Report 2015, incidents that were reported either directly by victims who had found their own way to us or indirectly by victims’ friends and acquaintances who already knew about us. We also received reports from people working in hostels, communal accommodation facilities, counselling centres and medical care units.

This offer marks the expansion of MANEO’s work with gay and male-bisexual refugees. Services are being improved for displaced LGBT* people who have become victims of prejudice-motivated attacks and discrimination, and who at the same time are experiencing socio-cultural living conditions, language differences, the effects of the root causes of flight, and flight itself, as additional burdens. The offer creates low-threshold access to help and support services, supported by outreach work in situ.

The counselling service for refugees who have become crime and attack victims in Berlin determines a person’s individual support need and draws up a subsequent support plan. Talks can be conducted in English or, depending on the victim’s language skills, in Arabic or Farsi using language mediators.

Broschüre Flüchtlinge

Enclosed brochure in 4 languages

Enclosed brochure in 4 languages (German, English, Arabic and Farsi) includes first information for victims of homophobic violence and crimes. Please, contact MANEO if you have any more questions:

MANEO, phone 030- 216 33 36 or maneo [at ] maneo .de

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