Case Report

MANEO records …

… antigay acts of violence. These include cases of physical violence, robbery and blackmailing, as well as sexual assaults, threats, insults, discrimination and mobbing. Victims or witnesses can report incidents and observations to the gay assault-helpline, via email or online-questionnaire, also anonymously.
Once a year we evaluate all known incidents. For this purpose, all information is anonymized and summarised in a report, which is made publically available. This documentation serves the purpose to illustrate the dimension of antigay violence and contributes to the illumination of the dark field. The won insights help us to initiate concrete measures to improve the prevention of violence.

Report acts of violence! Help as a witness!

Assault-helpline: +49 (0)30 – 216 33 36
Reporting office: maneo[at]

With our work we want to send a signal. We want to show, that we do not give in to violence, discrimination and exclusion easily. We want to prevent offenders feeling encouraged and continue with their crimes. Victims need our help and solidarity. Only when crimes are talked about and cases are reported there is a chance to overcome violence.

We guarantee your anonymity.

Since you will have filled in the questionnaire from our home page it will be sent from the home page to our email address and not from your email account. Therefore we can ensure that your answers remain anonymous.

The MANEO-Team